“EAGLE” by Javier Gomez 2010

“Head V” by Javier Gomez 2006 / 16x27x44cm

“Pyramida” by Javier Gomez 2007 / 12x66x77cm

Javier Gomez

*1957 Spain

As an apprentice with the local window company, Javier learnt the art of working with panes of glass as a teenager. He went on to apply these techniques to sculpture, creating decorative pieces using laminating, cutting and sandblasting to obtain intricate, delicate three-dimensional forms in a variety of colour.

Public collections and exhibitions

Recent solo exhibitions

1999 Galeria de arte Valenzuela, Granada, Spain

Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, Australia

2003 Retrospective, MAVA, Madrid, Spain

Galeria Quorum, Madrid, Spain


Public collections

Glass Museum, Sars Poteries, France

Glass Museum of Liege, Belgium

Glass Museum, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Glass Museum, Ebeltoft, Denmark

Kestner Museum, Hanover, Germany

Museum fur Kinst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany

Museum fur Modernes Glass, West Coburg, Germany

Corning Museum, Corning, NY, USA

Museo del Vidrio, Monterrey, Mexico

University of Michigan, California, USA

Meseu do Vidro, Marinha Grande, Portugal

Glasmuseum, Frauenau, Germany

Numerous museums in Spain

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