Acrylic paint on canvasacrylic on wood, resin & steel wirelaminated glass, engraved, steel base2010/19201820102018Melted glass-stone20172010 - Cast glass & steel2015 - Float glass & steel

“Gallery display” by Aleš Vašíček 2021

“Pigeons” by Jamil Naqsh 2015 / 75 x 100cm

Acrylic paint on canvas

“Crystal Moon” by Aleš Vašíček 2021 / L.95cm

“Construction” by bE 2018 / h.30cm

“Explorer” by pM 2020 / 45x 40x 55cm

“Passion” by Bohumil Eliáš 2011 / 100x100cm

acrylic on wood, resin & steel wire

“TWINS” by Bohumil Eliáš 2019 / H. 200cm

laminated glass, engraved, steel base

“Ice Queen” by PM H.105cm


“Purple Moon” by Aleš Vašíček L.145cm


“SKYLINE - Crystal & Bronze” by JR Ø. 150cm


“Rainbow Vessel III” by GM L. 70cm


“Queen of ice” by Bohumil Eliáš jr 2016 / 70x30x20cm

Melted glass-stone

“Golden Vessel X” by GM Length 62cm


“Neo Blue table” by Danny Lane 88cm

2010 - Cast glass & steel

“Emerald table” by Danny Lane 158cm

2015 - Float glass & steel

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